Great SEO packages in Canada – 6 of the services we offer

seo packages in canada

Interested in the costs of SEO packages in Canada or wondering what’s the cost of SEO services in Ottawa? You’re at the right place! Here, we’ll tell you about our different SEO packages in Canada and their average prices.

If you already seen the different SEO services we offer in Ottawa and all our SEO options in Toronto, we’re sure you’re curious to know how much it costs to rank your website on the first page of Google.

Read-on to find a complete list of the different SEO packages we offer in Canada and their costs.

Because SEO and web marketing constantly changes, we’ll be updating the following services regularly.

seo packages in canada

All our SEO packages in Canada

1. Full website audit, report and suggestions

$500 CAD

Not quite sure what needs to be done on your website to make it rank on the first page of Google? Don’t worry, our SEO packages in Canada are here to help.

Most SEO companies in Canada will create an automated report using free website analysis tools and provide you with the data generated by the tool.

At NikoSEO, however, we employ a variety of techniques and online tools and then review everything manually. After that, we’ll build an actionable website audit report on Google Doc and send it to you.

During our analysis, we’ll examine your website and check for any existing on-page issues that are preventing you from ranking. In our site audit report, we’ll also look at your competition and make on-page recommendations based on what we find.

Our technical SEO audit includes 4XX Errors, 301 Redirects, and 5XX Errors.

Our on-page website SEO Analysis includes your H1 Tags, Title Tags, Meta Description Tags etc for all the pages of your site.

We’ll also create an on-page suggestions report by analyzing your competitor sites.

Contact us to book this service today!

seo packages in canada

2. Keyword research and content/article creation

$300 CAD per 400 words article including keyword research and publishing of the article on your website

This is one of our best SEO packages in Canada and the main one we’ll use to help your website rank online.

We’ll figure out your niche and goals by having a few online meetings with you. We’ll then use a variety of keyword research tools to determine which key terms are the most studied in your topic and area.

Then we’ll look at your competition to see how soon you can outrank them for those keywords. After that, we’ll develop optimal material and articles for your website, which will be uploaded as quickly as possible to help it rank.

For best performance, we recommend articles that have a minimum of a thousand words since articles ranking on the first page of Google have an average of 1200 words.

If you need articles that will make you rank on the first page of Google, contact us today to book this service!

seo packages in canada

3. Optimizing tags, headers, and pictures of already existing posts

$200 CAD per optimized post

The optimization of all of your title tags, meta tags, headers, and images is one of our most effective SEO packages in Canada. For example, by optimizing your website for image search, we can help you gain visitors from a source that your competitors are unlikely to consider.

We’ll also include relevant keywords in the articles that are currently on your website, as well as any new content that we add. Contact us today to book this SEO service in Canada!

Need your website to generate leads and sales? Contact us today!

4. Set up a Google my business for your company

$300 CAD

SEO is continually changing, and we are constantly enhancing the seo packages in Canada we provide. Setting up a Google My Business account for your organization is one of these services.

We’ll help you list your business on Google Maps and in local search results by using Google My Business.

You can provide important details about your business, such as hours of operation, contact information, and a link to your website. Google just added a new feature that allows you to share links to articles or upcoming events.

Need a Google my business in Ottawa? We’ll set it up for you today! Contact us here!

seo packages in canada

5. Facebook page management service

$1200 CAD per month

Do you need an expert Facebook Manager for your business page to maintain the success of your business and be visible to your target audience? Stop searching, this is the best place for your hunt.

With this Facebook management service, we’ll create 30 beautifully written posts per month for your company.

We’ll do the hashtag research and scheduling for each post and we’ll respond to the comments on each post. We’ll also send you a detailed report of the reach of your Facebook post and your page during that month.

This is the perfect service if you want to take your Facebook page to the next level but you don’t have the time to take care of it yourself. If you want your Facebook page to reach new levels of success contact us today!

seo packages in canada

6. Social Media content creation

While SEO packages in Canada will help you stand out on the internet, our social media content creation will help you crush your competition on Facebook and Instagram.

Our social media management service will help your business stand out from your competition, will give your business social proof, and will create engagement with your audience.

For social media content creation, we offer 3 different packages:

Social media takeoff

$500 CAD per month

With this package, we’ll create 10 posts per month. We’ll use attractive photos and appealing copy writing. We’ll also do the hashtag research and scheduling for your post.

We offer this service on Facebook and Instagram.

Book this service now!

Social media market domination

$800 CAD per month

This package includes 20 posts per month either on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll include stunning pictures, do the copy writing for each post as well as the hashtag research and scheduling for your posts.

Get 20 Facebook posts today!

Social media competition crushing

$1000 CAD per month

This is our best selling social media content creation package and it will help you outrank your competition quickly.

It includes 30 beautifully written posts per month, as well as the hashtag research and scheduling for each post.

Get a Facebook post a day every day for the next month!

If you need your website to rank on the first page of Google or if you need it to generate more leads and sales, don’t wait and contact us as soon as possible.

After we analyze your website, we’ll have an online meeting with you and see all the different strategies and services we could use to help you rank on the first page of Google as soon as possible!

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