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seo copywriting ottawa

You have a website for your company in Ottawa and you’d like it to attract tons of customers but you’re not quite sure how? SEO copywriting Ottawa will give your business the edge it requires to succeed as soon as possible. In this article we’ll tell you about all the advantages of using a search engine optimization copywriting Ottawa service to help bring your venture to the next level!

Getting your website to rank on the first page of Google can be quite challenging in Ottawa. The competition on the internet is really fierce.

What can make a huge difference on whether or not your website will appear on the first page of Google is the written content that’s on it.

That’s why SEO copywriting in Ottawa can have such a positive impact on your business in the Canadian capital

To determine where Google will rank your website, it starts by analyzing the written content that’s on it. Your content needs to be rich in keywords that people actually look for and those keywords need to be found in the titles, tags, images and the URLs of your website.

seo copywriting ottawa

If you follow all these guidelines, then you have a good chance of ranking on the first page of Google. Doing so, however, can be a tricky task. Especially if you try to do it on your own.

At NikoSEO we’ll write articles that will make you rank on the first page of Google in no time. Read on to discover all the advantages of our SEO copywriting Ottawa services!

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How to find a good copywriter in Ottawa?

The quick answer to this question is that you should employ us and use our Ottawa copywriting services.

The long answer is to choose the firm that asks the most questions.

Agencies are full of arrogance, from strategists who believe they know more than you about the people you’ re attempting to reach to copywriters who won’t conduct any keyword research or learn more about your target demographic.

Sure, a professional copywriter in Ottawa can better communicate your sales offer than a layperson, but we’ll need to pick your brain first.

We begin every copywriting project in Ottawa by asking a lot of questions. We’ll base our keyword research and content writing on your business goals, the public you’re trying to reach and the scope of the copywriting project.

seo copywriting ottawa

Want to rank on the first page of Google? Contact us so we can start writing articles for your website today!

Why work with our SEO copywriting Ottawa agency?

We’ll treat your website like our own

The success of your business is at the heart of all the copywriting projects we’ll do with you. We’ll use strategic keywords to rank your website on Google and we’ll use perfect spelling and great grammar in all the articles we write for you.

We’ll also include calls to action to help sell your products or generate leads in our articles.

We’ll do extensive research on your niche and industry

Before we start our SEO copywriting Ottawa project with you, we’ll get as familiar as possible with your niche and the products or services you offer.

We’ll analyze what has worked well for your company or similar ones in the past.

seo copywriting ottawa

We have years of experience in Keyword research and use the best tools online

Keyword research is a very important part of our copywriting strategy.

It provides us with important information such as where you rank for keywords, which keywords are easy to rank for, or which keywords your competitors rank for.

Keyword research also tells us what people are actually looking for and we write compelling articles armed with this knowledge!

We’ll thoroughly analyze your competitors websites

Before beginning any SEO copywriting Ottawa project, one of the first things we’ll do is analyze your competitors’ websites. The more we understand about your competitors’ SEO strategies and the keywords they use, the better your own site will perform.

We can use the same SEO strategies that are working well for your competition to your advantage once we understand why they are working so well for them.

Finding your competitors’ best-performing pages is a good place to start because we can see where their organic traffic is coming from and use similar or better strategies when creating written content for your business.

seo copywriting ottawa

What are the costs of our SEO copywriting Ottawa services?

First, we’ll examine your competition to determine how quickly you can outrank them for specific keywords and how many articles your website requires. Following that, we will create optimal content and articles for your website, which will be uploaded as soon as possible to help it rank.

We recommend articles with a minimum of a thousand words for best performance, as articles ranking on the first page of Google have an average of 1200 words.

At NikoSEO we charge $300 CAD per 400 words article including keyword research and publishing of the article on your website.

Contact us today so we can start writing articles that will rank your website on the first page of Google!

Want your website to rank quickly? Copywriting is only one part of the equation. Read SEO packages in Canada and SEO services in Ottawa to see all the other SEO services we offer!

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