Google Discover – 7 great ways to optimize for the platform!

Google Discover

Google discover is an interface that suggests content to its users depending on their web research and their preferences. The question is, how can you, as a business, get your website to appear in Google discover? In this article we’ll tell you about how to position your website in Google discover suggestions as quickly as possible.

Normally, web users type questions or terms in the search bar and then Google shows helpful information related to this query.

Google Discover, however, takes a different approach. Discover reveals information mostly based on what Google’s automated systems deem to be a good match with a user’s interests, rather than providing results in response to a query.

There is no active search behavior with Google Discover. Users navigate through a stream of personalized recommendations, similar to what they see on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

So the big question is, how can you get your website suggested to millions of people around the world?

You’ll first need to optimize your articles and your website to appear on Google Discover.

Google Discover

How to optimize for Google Discover?

Your articles and your website can start appearing on Google Discover as soon as they’re indexed by Google. So the first strategy to appear in Discover is to help Google index your website faster.

  1. Index your website faster

web indexing is the process by which Google determines the value that your website is providing to users and where it will rank it in search results.

This is done by “crawling” webpages for different keywords and signals that tell search engines if and where to rank content.
Your website will naturally start ranking on its own over time but they’re are different ways to make it rank faster. This article presents nine strategies to help your website rank faster.

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Google Discover
  1. Create appealing headlines

Different studies on the internet suggest that emotionally charged, borderline-clickbait headlines are the ones that will show first on Google Discover.

Although, this directly contradicts the advice offered in Google’s Discover guidelines, it’s what worked best for thousands of articles shown in Google Discover’s results.

Although using a headline that is a bit exaggerated is not a bad strategy, it’s important to deliver on the expectations of the people who click on your headline and make sure that the content of your article is not misleading.

  1. Asking a question in your title

This is a strategy that is generally not recommended for SEO but it creates excellent results in Google Discover. A question in your headline is really effective because the only way people can get the answer is by reading your article.

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Google Discover
  1. Make fresh content

Google Discover tends to share content that is newer. Create material that is relevant to your audience’s current interests and that tells a fascinating tale or provides fresh insights.

Although Google Discover tends to prefer content that is newer, it can also show content from years back if it covers a topic that is trending.

  1. Articles that have numbers in their headline (listicles)

Articles that are structured in a list tend to perform better in Google Discover. Consider starting your article with headlines such as 10 reasons why … , 5 advantages of … and so on.

These types of articles are generally a lot easier to digest and receive a huge amount of clicks in Google Discover.

Google Discover
  1. Content aligned with political views or celebrity gossip

Other content that tends to perform extremely well in Google Discover are articles that are of a political nature or celebrity gossip.

  1. Start posting content on Youtube

Almost all internet users enjoy watching videos. It’s no accident that Google purchased YouTube and prioritizes video content in search results.

The same can be said for Google Discover, where videos make up the majority of the recommended posts. YouTube videos are also automatically played. In other words, they appear on the stream automatically, gain prominence, and receive more clicks than other publications.

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What are the advantages of appearing on Google Discover?

One of the first benefits of Google Discover is the possibility to reach a wide public even though your content didn’t perform well in Google search.

Google search and Google Discover use completely different algorithms. Because of this, you can reach people regardless of whether or not your content was written with good SEO techniques in mind.

One of the advantages of already optimizing your content for Google Discover is that this type of content presentation will grow and become more important in the future.

Google search was a successful trial for the company. The newest version of Google Discover, on the other hand, represents a more serious push by Google toward content curation.

That’s why it’s so important for companies to prepare themselves for the future.

Early adopters can have the most impact online. You can boost the number of shares you obtain by focusing on SEO optimization efforts for Google Discover.

Even though it’s still early, now is an excellent time to begin experimenting with and modifying your material for the content recommendation engine.

Google Discover

How can you monitor the performance of your content that shows on Google Discover?

You’ll be able to access your Google Discover performance report if your website has reached a certain threshold of impressions on Google Discover in the last 16 months.

Once you have access to your report and you can see how well your content is doing on the platform, you’ll be able to group the data by page, country, and even by day.

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Google Discover

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