Amateur blogging for online businesses – The ultimate guide to amateur blogging

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You have a website for your business and you want to add more written content to it? You’re in the right place! Welcome to the ultimate guide to amateur blogging for online businesses and amateur blogging for SEO. Here we’ll tell you about all the benefits of adding a blog section to your website.

Let’s imagine the following scenario: you have a small ecommerce store that sells vintage boots. It’s hard to attract customers as your business is drowning in a sea of similar companies selling the same products. So how do you do it? How can you stand out online and crush the competition?

That’s where amateur blogging for online businesses comes in.

The internet world can appear to be a sea of rivalry at times. There is no ideal recipe for making it online, but the advantages of amateur blogging are undeniable.

First of all, it’s no secret that having written content on your website, rich in highly optimized keywords, will help you rank. The difference between websites that make it on the first page of Google and those that don’t often boils down to one single thing: quantity of optimized keywords and articles on the website.

If you want to know how amateur blogging can help your company rank quickly on the first page of Google, read on! We’ll tell you about all the different ways blogging can benefit your business, how it can impact your SEO and how it can quickly generate an extra income and bring leads and clients to your company.

amateur blogging

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How is amateur blogging different than social media for an online business?

Social media posts or amateur blogging? Which one is better for your business and your online marketing campaigns? That’s an age-old question that generated much debate. Let’s analyze both options and see how they bring very different advantages to your brand.

Social media is the newer option that delivers quick instant result to your audience, helps your public interact with your brand instantly, and creates brand awareness. The advantage of social media for an online business are quite obvious. You can get good, instant interaction with a public.

One drawback of social media however is that the posts you make quickly get lost in the news feed of your public. What you post today will become irrelevant in the next weeks.

Amateur blogging for your website, on the other hand, is comparable to a good brand of red wine. Just like wine gets better as it ages, the post that you put on your website, will gather back links over time and they will rank higher and higher in Google’s search results.

Amateur blogging and social media both provide different advantages for your business and your to boost your online presence, your company should use both. Social media is excellent at helping you build an audience while amateur blogging will be incredibly useful to publish informative posts.

A great plan would be to use amateur blogging to transmit well-written pieces demonstrating your marketing knowledge, and then to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to build a following by directing them to the blog through links and adverts.

amateur blogging

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The advantages of amateur blogging for your company

Although it can seem quite tedious at time, creating a blog section on your website and writing articles is super beneficial for your company. Amateur blogging can help you rank better in search engines and it will also help customers know your brand better and discover your products.

Here are just a few of the upsides of amateur blogging for your website:

Get customers to know and trust your brand

You must earn people’s trust before you can convince them to buy the product or the service you’re selling. Customers need to know your brand and need to feel like they can trust it. One of the best ways to achieve this is by writing articles that describe your products or services and compare them with similar options on the market.

Amateur blogging and great copy writing will help your customers understand the core values of your company, discover your products and know your brand better.

By blogging about your niche in a personal manner on a regular basis, you’ll automatically market your expertise to your audience. Before long you’ll be considered the expert in your niche and the people who visit your blog will want to buy your products and services.

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Amateur blogging will boost your SEO

The main factor determining whether or not your website ranks in the first Google results is the amount of searched for keywords that can be found in articles on your page.

Although you might have a great idea or a fantastic product for sale, unless you have great written content about it on your website, Google is not likely to consider you the authority on the subject. Most pages that rank in the first results on Google all have an average of 1500 words on them.

Another way amateur blogging can boost your rankings in search results is by attracting back links to your website.

As you write better and better content in your niche that has the keywords people are looking for, you’ll see more and more of your articles appearing in the first results of Google. More and more websites will link back to your pages as they’re considered the authority on the the topics they cover.

This means that not only will your organic ranking in Google be better because you’re covering your niche well, it will also be better because a lot of other websites will link back to yours.

amateur blogging

You’ll help your customers compare your different products and services before they buy anything

Amateur blogging can be used to cover your services and present the products you’re selling on your website more in detail. This will help potential customers compare the different options you’re offering and find exactly what they’re looking for.

The cool thing is that they now have a blog article they can send to their friends and family members who could be interested in the same product or service.

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Amateur blogging to add an extra income to your website

A little known advantage of amateur blogging is the fact that as your website starts attracting more traffic, the ads that you’ll put on it will generate a bigger and bigger income. Apart from selling products and services on your website, you’ll also be able to generate a passive income through ad placement on the side bar of your website.

By creating a loyal readership that comes back to your website week after week, amateur blogging can generate an income that even pays you while you sleep!

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Common mistakes of amateur blogging

At NikoSEO, we know all about amateur blogging. We advise bloggers from all over Canada on the different tricks they can use to rank faster in Google’s search results and the mistakes they should avoid. We started from humble beginnings with amateur blogging ourselves and we learned the hard way by making the following mistakes:

Not using basic SEO techniques from the get go

Not learning how basic SEO works is probably the most common mistake we encounter in amateur blogging. Before writing any online article for your own company, it’s important to do a bit of keyword research using softwares like Keysearch.

This type of software will help you find what are the different words you should include in your blog article, titles, and URL to have a chance of ranking on the first page of Google. Although you blog might be very new, this will give you an edge and an advantage over the competition from the very beginning.

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Slowing down your website’s speed with too many plugins

You’ve put a lot of effort in creating a beautiful looking website, you’ve written tons of articles and you’re ready to give amateur blogging a go. Your website, for beautiful as it may be, however, doesn’t seem to load very fast and because of this it doesn’t appear on the first page of Google.

This is a common mistake that most bloggers make at the beginning of their amateur blogging journey. When designing a website, it’s tempting to use plugins to make the website more responsive and more beautiful. Using too many plugins however can slow down your website quite a lot.
Since loading speed is an important ranking factor, Google is not likely to put your website on the first page if it loads slowly because you’re using too many plugins.

Covering the wrong topics for your audience

This is another common mistake in amateur blogging. A business using a blog to close sales and generate leads should always cover topics that are as relevant as possible to its audience.

A rule of thumb businesses should follow is to answer questions their prospects have as they navigate their way through a purchase decision.

amateur blogging

Our amateur blogging services in Canada

If you want to use blogging to increase the rankings of your website, build brand awareness, and generate sales at the same time, look no further!

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