A guide to our different affordable SEO Toronto options

affordable seo toronto

If you’re looking for affordable SEO Toronto options, you’re in the right place. Here we’ll tell you about our different SEO packages Toronto. Read on to find some of the most affordable SEO services in Toronto.

Search engine optimization in Toronto can be quite beneficial in terms of generating new leads and revenue in this hip Canadian city. However, it isn’t necessarily inexpensive. SEO companies tend to charge a lot and affordable SEO Toronto options are hard to come by.

Sure, you could pay an average of 10$ to have someone post comment spam or forum links to your site, but that’s not reasonable SEO; it’s digital marketing suicide. Search engines always prioritize quality over quantity and they’ll quickly detect the spamy nature of those links.

Hiring the services of huge SEO companies in Toronto, on the other hand, can put a significant dent in your company’s finances. So, what should a website or business owner do?

At NikoSEO, we offer comprehensive affordable SEO Toronto services that will help your website rank on Google without putting a huge dent in your budget. For a complete list of SEO packages and SEO options we offer in Canada, have a look at this page.

affordable seo toronto

Affordable SEO Toronto services we recommend

When it comes to search engine optimization and online marketing, some services tend to cost a lot more than others and they’re not always the ones bound to bring in the best results.

If you want a bang for your buck, you’ll have to look for affordable SEO Toronto options that will give you the best return on your investment. Here are some of the most affordable SEO Toronto options that give the highest ROI and techniques that you should consider investing in:

Hiring an SEO company to write long-form highly optimized content

This is the affordable SEO Toronto service that will probably give you the biggest edge over the competition. Long articles with the keywords that people are actually looking for is vital for the success of your website.

You’re putting your business and website at a disadvantage if your articles, blog posts, and other pages don’t exceed 500 words.

The top 10 pages in search results all have an average of 2000 words. That’s far more than the short and poorly written articles often found on low quality websites.

affordable seo toronto

Hire a web designer to upgrade your website to a responsive design

Although web design and SEO are two different things, Google tends to consider more and more web design elements to determine where your website will rank in search results. Investing a bit in the design of your website is an affordable SEO Toronto technique that is sure to give you some results!

How easy it is to use your website and how fast your webpage can load are factors that are becoming more and more important for Google.

Tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices are used to conduct more Google searches than desktop PCs. Because Google prioritizes user experience and pleasure, it’s no surprise that responsiveness is now a ranking element in their algorithm.

Traditional websites used to be static and unresponsive but newer websites use adjustable images and proportion-based grids that will adapt to almost any device the page is visited with. Hiring a web designer to make your website responsive to tablets and cell phone browser is a great and affordable idea that will dramatically boost your SEO in Toronto!

Looking for SEO services in Toronto? Contact us today to get your website ranking in the first results of Google!

Increase your website’s loading speed to appear higher in search results

It’s a fact that websites that load faster appear higher in search results. The slower your webpage loads, the less time people are likely to spend on it. This in turn sends signals to Google that your website shouldn’t appear in the first results.

A great way to improve your website’s load speed is to compress your images or resize them if you use a lot. If you’re using a platform like wordpress, you should also be careful not to use so many plugins as they can drastically affect your website’s loading speed.

affordable seo toronto

The difference between good and bad affordable SEO Toronto

While some affordable SEO Toronto services are good and budget friendly, others are just plain cheap and should be avoided like the plague.

Here are some bad SEO services that can be considered unethical and spammy by Google. Using these techniques might initially seem to help your SEO but it will eventually be detrimental to your business:

Paying for back links to your website

Although buying back links to your website can be affordable, it’s a practice that should be avoided as much as possible. You might see a positive effect in the beginning but Google will quickly detect that these links are spamy, arriving in large numbers at once and will determine that they were not created organically.

Hidden text and hidden keywords

Some ”black hat” (the term given to unethical) SEO companies provide this service for their clients but it should be avoided at all cost.

By coloring the text the same color as the background, hiding the text behind an image, or making it the size of 0 pixels, black hat SEO companies hide keywords from the people visiting a page.

This is misleading and will only lead to Google punishing your website. Search engine crawlers are becoming more and more advanced and will quickly detect that you’re trying to stuff your page with keywords.

Duplicate Content

Although it’s one of Google’s top three ranking factors, creating amazing content is not always easy. Automatically generating new articles to rank for a huge amount of keywords should be avoided as much as possible.

Content that’s generated without actually putting the effort to create unique material might seem like an affordable SEO Toronto technique but it will be extremely detrimental to your website.

An example of duplicate content would be to develop a slew of location pages, all of which have the same content save for the place name. Google will consider that these new pages don’t provide value to readers and won’t let your website rank as high in search results.

affordable seo toronto

The affordable SEO Toronto services we offer

At NikoSEO we offer a wide variety of SEO services in Toronto. Contact us for a free analysis of your website and an assessment of your goals to discuss what services we could offer you.

You can also read 7 of the SEO services we offer in Toronto to have a better idea of how we can help your website rank on the first page of Google. Also make sure to look at the complete list of SEO packages we offer in Canada.

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